Our Services

Provides small business owners with specialized (small business) HR support— we assist small business owners by developing a solid HR foundation, fostering a strong bond between owner/management and employee and create an inclusive environment.  Our techniques will improve your company sales, productivity, company culture and employee engagement. 

We are committed to providing excellent HR infrastructure, support, and customer service to your business. As your consultant, I will help you identify and improve on diversity management, cultural inclusion, employee relations/investigations, and policy procedure development

All services provided on-site, off-site or a combination of the two, whichever best serves your company’s needs. We specialize in small-business HR management—this allows small businesses to have access to a professional HR Advisor without the expense of a full-time employee.

Our role with your company is to assist you in identifying your HR needs, develop an appropriate action plan and to facilitate all changes to enhance the success of your employee/employer relationship. I am all about improving your firms' productivity, communication, employee morale, and overall efficiency.